Double Wide Shelving

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  • The shelves were built on 6 2.5" rolling casters to allow for easy movement. 1/2" ply was used as the actual shelves, but not before rounding the rough edges with the router to prevent splinters. 4x8' sheets weren't long enough to extend the entire span of the shelves, so an additional sheet had to be used to cut extra ~18" boards to finish up the shelves. If I were to ever make this shelving again I would either shrink the length of the unit to 96" so 1 sheet of ply would cover the entire shelf or I would cut the ply at the midpoint of the shelves so the joining pieces happen at the middle cross brace. Even as they stand now they are mighty strong. I know at least they can support a 180lb. person with a 25lb. tool belt on the top shelf.