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Gerbmerge tutorial for windows as of 06/18/2010 Updated on 09/09/2012

Gerbmerge page:

I am using windows 7 64 bit. What OS your using shoudlent matter a great deal, the process will be similar if not exactly the same for any flavor of windows.‎‎

Download the following software and install it IN THIS ORDER:

After all of these programs have been installed you should have a folder C:\Python26\gerbmerge. If you do not you messed up somewhere. Try again!

If your using EAGLE CAD you can grab this CAM file here to generate the proper file names from Eagle.

Inside the C:\Python26 directory find gerbmerge.bat, right click-> Edit and change its contents to this:

@echo off 
c:\Python26\python c:\Python26\Lib\site-packages\gerbmerge\ %1 %2 %3 %4 %5 %6 %7 %8 %9 

Inside the C:\Python26 directory create a folder called project_files

Inside the C:\Python26\project_files directory create 3 folders, proj1, proj2, proj3.

Grab my layout.cfg‎ here and drop it in the C:\Python26 directory.

Load up some gerber files in each of the project folders. Each folder is its own board that you wish to merge into the final panel, and should have the following files in them: .bor, .drd, .dri, .gbl, .gbo, .gbs, .gpi, .gtl, .gto, .gtp, .gts. All the files in a proje1 folder should have the same name, just different extensions.

Open up layout.cfg and scroll to the bottom. You will see 3 sections [proj1] [proj2] [proj3]. If your only using 2 projects remove the entire proj3 section.

right under [proj1] change the line to reflect your file names


where filenames1 is name of the files in your proj1 directory.

Do the same for proj2.

Edit the Repeat = parameter to how many times you want that board repeated on the final merged panel.

Save the layout.cfg file and close it.

Open a command prompt and navigate to c:\Python26 and type gerbmerge layout.cfg enter y to agree to the terms if you do. and let the program work for a bit. When you’ve given it enough time (10 seconds or so, depending on how picky you are about the space usage) hit ctrl+c to stop it. and then enter Y to terminate the job.

1. Start -> run: cmd 2. Cd c:/ 3. Cd Python26 4. gerbmerge layout.cfg

If you look in C:\Python26\project_files you will now see the merged gerber files it created.

Go grab yourself gerbv to check your work. Install it (2.3.0 is the latest windows version as if this date) Open gerbv, go to file, open layers. Navigate to c:\Python26\project_files You can open all the layers in there, except for board.txt and board.drl. Those are text files, not gerber files so if you do try to open them in gerbv they will give you errors, which isn’t a big deal. I just highlight everything in that folder and hit open.

You can hit the Layer tab in the top left and check/uncheck layers to show/hide them.

If everything looks good then zip it up and send them to your board house!