Omron NB HMI and Allen-Bradley CompactLogix example

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I had a difficult time with this due to the lack of support from Omron, lack of examples, and questionable documentation for this procedure. Hopefully this will help others who had the same issues as I.

This is a example project showing how to pass variables from the PLC to the HMI over RS232 DF1. It shows how to pass all the supported data types by the HMI; INT, REAL, and BOOL. I am using an Allen-Bradley L31 CompactLogix and a Omron NB7W-TW00B HMI but anyone using a RSLogix5000 based PLC and a "NB" series Omron HMI will find this useful. - NB-Designer project for this example. - RSLogix5000 example project to pair with the Omron NB HMI.