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My name is Paul Mac and I am an electrical engineer in the Tampa / St. Petersburg area in sunny Florida. I use this wiki as a notebook for projects I've done in the past or projects I'm currently working on. Below you can see a list of my projects or you can go back to the home page.

Useful Stuff


  • TruckTree! - A Christmas tree I put in the back of my truck every year. Individually addressable RGB LEDs.
  • AVR web scraper - Using a Lantronix module to gather data from the web using an AVR.
  • Gerbmerge - Quick guide on how to use gerbmerge to put multiple PCBs on a single panel.
  • RGB LED Fader - Using an ATtiny44 and a 3 chan LED driver IC to make a neat desk ordainment.
  • Mails Here! - (near)Finished mail notification project. I'm redesigning the base station device still but the mail box device is done and done. Updates to follow...
  • DBL Flusher - A little device that will drive a servo motor to flush a toilet automatically.
  • Jeopardy PIC buzzer - My first real attempt at using a Microchip PIC. Uses a basic PIC16f84a and a simple assembly program to detect which player buzzes in first. Very similar to the reactions game below but only uses a couple TTL chips along with the PIC.
  • Reactions Game (power point) - One of my very first digital projects. A game called Reactions built using discrete logic. The point is to be the first person to "buzz in" when the light goes active. Whomever has the quickest reactions wins.
  • Double Wide Shelving - Some shelving I built for the garage. Designed completely with Google SketchUp from scratch.
  • Creative USB interface - Using a PIC18f4550 with built in USB to crate a device to easily communicate with a computer